Welcome! Mack's 512 Academy offers a community based after school and summer participatory prevention program. The center provides a safe, educational and fun environment for all youth in Logan County and surrounding areas.

Our Mission

Our mission at Mack’s 512 Academy is to provide specialized educational programs and skills building concepts that will help students establish a successful approach to becoming competent, contributing, responsible, compassionate adults. Our duty is to increase their exposure to constructive developmental activities and to instill in them values and resistance skill that will guide them from the inside. Our motto at 512 Academy is “Giving Kids What They Need To Succeed”. We firmly believe that by providing our educational program along with the asset building approach we use, that our children will encounter a significant increase in the number of successes they experience as they journey through school years into adulthood.



Our Goals

Our goals at Mack’s 512 Academy are to:

  •   Improve our children’s academic achievement and increase their interest in school, thus reducing school drop-out rates in our community.
  •   Provide children an alternative to negative influences and empower them with resistance skills.
  •   Help our children gain perspective, self-awareness and lose bad habits,
  •   Help our children develop leadership in accountability, responsibility, integrity, respect, appreciation, and self-esteem.