Enrollment Information

Enrollment at Mack’s 512 Academy is a quick and easy process. Parents are required to complete a few forms and provide records of specific information needed before we can assume the responsibility of caring for your child(ren).  Mack’s 512 Academy is licensed by OKDHS. DHS subsidy is accepted as well as private pay. The facility is enrolled in the OK Child Nutrition Program. All children must enroll in this program even if your family does not qualify for this service. Transportation to school from the Academy each morning and back to the Academy after school is provided by the Guthrie Public Schools Transportation Department.

The list below will apprise you of all steps and documents required for enrollment.

  • 1. Confirm an appointment with the director or the assistant director.
  • 2. Complete the Enrollment Packet.
    • a. OKDHS Child Information Form 07LC038E (OCC-38)
    • b. Mack’s 512 Academy Contract
    • c. Child And Adult Care Food Program Application
    • d. Child And Adult Care Food Program Enrollment Form
    • e. Parent Handbook Signature Page
    • f. Guthrie Public Schools Student Bus Rider Registration Form
  • 3. Provide a copy of currant immunization record or a waiver form if they do not get immunized.
  • 4. If you qualify for assistance, schedule an appointment with DHS for approval.


When you enroll your child at Mack’s 512 Academy, you are providing them with opportunities that help them grow both academically and developmentally. All events and activities are age appropriate and well supervised. By implementing 512’s educational program along with the asset building approach we practice, our children experience a substantial increase in the number of successes they experience. This program is designed to empower your children with what they need to succeed.