Summer Program

The summer program provides the opportunity for students to practice and demonstrate math, reading, and writing during the summer months  so they can successfully maintain and improve their academic capabilities. Students who maintain their math and reading skills during their summer vacation are better prepared to perform academically when school resumes. During the summer we include classes and workshops covering health and nutrition, physical fitness, music/instrumental and vocal, dance, martial arts, softball, golf, computer technology, beginner sewing, microwave cooking, gardening, journalism, sign language, speech contest, and much more. We arrange for guest speakers offering a variety of lessons and we also make available educational and fun fieldtrips.

The Summer Program is conducted Monday through Friday from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm during the out of school months.

The Summer Program provides:

  •   Character (Asset) Building
  •   Self-Esteem and Morality Education
  •   Behavior Modification
  •   Academic Maintenance
  •   Computer Technology Training
  •   Entrepreneur Training
  •   Nutrition and Cooking Education
  •   Sewing and Quilting
  •   Music and Dance
  •   Gardening
  •   Fitness and Recreation
  •   Field Trips and Fun Projects